Friday, March 21, 2014

Lemon blueberry butter cake

As titled, that's the flavour for the cake. I came across the recipe on the internet and just nice that I have some blueberries in the fridge so I quickly copied down the recipe then only realised I don't have any self-raising flour at home. Okay, everything is prepared on the next day and again, I was lack of 1 lemon when the recipe requires two. Fine, one lemon will do. haha

Little niece was really excited in helping me to sift the flour and looked at how I whisked the ingredients into batter. When the cake is done, it was just nice for a Sunday afternoon tea break at home. 

I followed exactly (except lack of 1 lemon zest) what the recipe says but ALWAYS my cakes would turn
 out a little dry. Why is it so? Any expert out there could answer my query please? Like which layer should I place it in the oven and which position is best for what size of cake? Ahhh I think maybe I should go attend baking classes. I seriously think baking and cooking are fun. The only boring and tiring job is the preparation steps and to cleaning job. That's really boring.

On another note, heyyyy heyyy heyyy I am aiming on one cooking equipment to be my toy. But I am still considering over it. Cannot tahan, when I wanna buy an item, it's either on impulsive or consider for too long. So, it's either regret now or later, timing difference. If I really do buy it, hiak hiak I am gonna buy all the ingredients and play with the toy!!!

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