Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy little thing called love

I read the review of this movie few months ago on Taiwan yahoo but never take initiative to find this movie and watch. Thanks to my friend gave me the source!! I saw many friends posted video on facebook saying that this movie is seriously so nice. It is a Thai movie. 
It is all started with these 4 juniors from Form 2 and the girl, Nam, first from the right likes a senior, Chone. She tried all her best to get attention from the senior including changing her image. 
She was just a normal girl with tan skin, short hair and wearing glasses. It is less possible for a handsome senior to fall onto. However, she tried every way to talk to the senior and get nearer to him.
After trying so hard, she became prettier and gain popularity in the school. Her result is also good. 
This is the best friend of Chone who noticed Nam at the stage play of Snow White. He took a step before Chone could confess his love to Nam. However, she doesn't like him. But due to his selfishness, Nam and Chone couldn't get together as well. (Not till the end)
She agreed to all outings invited the the fake bf just to get nearer to Chone because he will be there. Little did she knew that, he was there because of her too. 
He is good in photography and took many photos of her secretly. He even developed the photos and made into a book by himself. So sweet huh? But it is scary if that fella is a pervert and you don't like him at all. Therefore the sweetness only applies to person that you like. XD
Finally she took the courage to confess her love to the senior but the senior lied that he was already with someone. He cares about the brotherhood with his friend. Nam fell into the swimming pool after knowing the truth, that is even heartbreaking. 

This is the ending part of the movie. I guess it makes all the audience all HURRAY !!! Finally they get together. Don't you think the guy is handsome and the girl is pretty??? I wanna go THAILAND !!!!!

While writing this post, I just got the news my friend has changed her status from 'single' to 'in a relationship'. Oh dear, so happy for her. Everything needs courage to take the first step. Bravo!! 
Don't ask me when is mine 'cause I haven't met one. Congrats to my friend =D

Wisdom is only found in truth

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